Don’t quit!

Has God ever spoken so clearly to you before?

Recently, we had some staff changes at work, and with that comes personality changes. We had the same team for over 3 years, and now we have 2 new team members, and meshing a new team takes time to build. All this led me to contemplating over possibly switching jobs and maybe even a different career path. I sought council from people that I trust and value their opinion, including my mama and got some conflicting answers, some saying quit, others offering me job opportunities, others to stay. I was very confused to say the least. I even went to a women’s gathering and the speaker said to leave the job. I’m always sensitive to signs that God would want me to do something.

Found this fitting meme.

But when I fasted and sought the word from God I received what I had to do. When you are seeking an answer, you’ll look for anything to answer your question. The first thing you have to look to is God. In your prayer time when you drown out all the other noise you’ll get your answer. I don’t even need to seek council from everyone else. You can however, seek prayer from others. Ask for your people to pray for you to get clarity from God.

“If your boss is angry at you, don’t quit! A quiet spirit can overcome even great mistakes.”

Ecclesiastes 10:4 NLT

God has called me on an assignment and just because the assignment is getting tough does not mean I need to throw in the towel. God had to remind me I can do anything through Him who gives me strength. If God called me here then He has a plan for me! It got me thinking to when I prayed for the position I have now, and the blessing that was revealed to me when I switched positions. I was reminded of my call to my new job, to live openly and expansively. Another version says, “Open your hearts to us!” – 2 Corinthians 6:13. God called me to have an open heart.

That’s what God had initially called me to do. When I think about my issues at work and what I have troubles with, this is what I struggle with the most; I don’t have an open heart. But it is what God had called me to do first, knowing I would struggle with it. It takes me a long time to let people in, to open my heart up to anyone. I’ve joked that after 2 years, I’ll be your best-friend- but not before. I’ve done that a lot, and the people in my life know cause it has taken them a while to become friends. It’s not the right way to live, and definitely not the way God wants me to live. It’s my character that God is working with, calling me to be open to new people. To allow people in so they can see God through me. If I have this great light and don’t share it with anyone in darkness what good is it?

Pray for me as God continues to mold me into who He wants me to be.

Peace & Love
Ana Maggie

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