A few weekends ago the hubs and I went glamping with my husbands whole family, or so I thought. This was actually our 10th year family camping reunion so you would think I would have this whole glamping thing down, but to be honest I can barely camp, let alone add any kind of glamour to it.

We go camping in a town near Austin Texas called San Marcos. It is a little camping resort really, there are full on showers and a laundry room so it makes camping a whole lot easier.

I have done extensive research on what to take to go camping and how to make it glamping but in all actuality it is a lot harder than it looks. You have to take a lot of gear and even more if you want to spruce it up. Below is all of the things we took and I’ll highlight the “glamping gear” but I’ll add what I wanted to take in italics but for whatever reason couldn’t take.

What I took in gear not including toiletries or clothes, I do have some awesome products that I take that get me through the day, I’ll share in another post, maybe.

  • tent
  • sleeping cot
  • inflatable mattress
  • pillows
  • throw pillows
  • lantern
  • flashlight
  • fan
  • off
  • fatboy inflatable chair
  • camping chairs
  • coolers

What I wanted to take to make it extra:

  • string of lights
  • rugs (indoor and outdoor)
  • baskets to hold wet shoes
  • picnic blankets
  • citronella candles
  • canopy
  • outdoor changing station
  • hand washing station
  • rope to hang wet clothes in
  • Smores metal stick
  • table cloths
  • hammock
  • picnic basket
  • plastic plates/cups/cutlery (not foam)
  • tent decorative items
  • campfire kettle
  • french press

Everything in italics is taking your gear into glamping mode, a lot is thanks to Pinterest. I linked the Pinterest ones. Remember though everything you take you have to set up and take down too, unless you have your own personal valet. The plain camping set up already takes a few hours and adding more will just add more time that you could spend having a great time with your family.

Whether you take all of those extra items is up to you but the end result should be the same, Fun! And I had tons of it! My inlaws like to lay in the river all day long and then sit around the camp fire eating a talking and that’s exactly what we did.

I do however recommend if you are going to go near a river to tube it instead of float it because my legs are very scratched up from the logs and debris in the river. And wear tennis shoes and not water shoes.

Also, my sister in law and I made some watermelon and vodka popsicles and for the most part those were a fail. The popsicle melted in my cooler and it ended up being a slush that I enjoyed either way.

All in all I had a great time even without taking my glamping stuff and I realized to some things it’s nice to be more simple and take just the minimum. So in this case it may not have been a fail but it was a reality check.

Until next time…
Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie

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