Tried & True Review: Coastal Scents Creative Me 1 Palette

It’s almost the weekend! Today in case you’re in a buying type mood I want to share with you a bold bright palette that I think is perfect for summer. It’s from Coastal Scents called Creative Me 1 Palette, it’s fairly inexpensive, priced at $12.95. IMG_3445

I love the palette and huge mirror too! It’s a nice quality plastic palette. I personally like these hard palettes more than the soft cardboard palettes.



They didn’t swatch too well but they go on the eyes a lot better.

IMG_3477 IMG_3476 IMG_3475 IMG_3474 IMG_3473 IMG_3472 IMG_3471 IMG_3470 IMG_3469 IMG_3468 IMG_3467 IMG_3465 IMG_3464 IMG_3463 IMG_3462 IMG_3461 IMG_3460 IMG_3459 IMG_3458 IMG_3457 IMG_3456 IMG_3455 IMG_3454 IMG_3453

What I love about the palette is that the pans come out individually so you can take out the ones that you feel you won’t use so much and put in some transitional colors. IMG_3451

Overall, this palette is perfect when you want to do those bold summer looks and it’s inexpensive. I always buy one palette for the season and this one is the one I’ll be using constantly this summer.

Check out my first tutorial on the palette here! If you buy the palette let me know!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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