Spring Shape-Up: Fitness

Happy Monday! Have you gotten your nutrition down? You know that’s 80% of weight loss!

Remember how I mentioned that weight loss is 20% fitness? It’s time to talk about fitness! A lot of people think it’s only cardio that helps lose weight or high intensity intervals of cardio. It is but if we were to break down the fitness into percentages I would say it’s 50% cardio and 50% weight training. As in picking up those heavy body builder weights. A lot of girls don’t want to do that for fear of “bulking” up. But honestly girls don’t have the testosterone to bulk up. Weight training will help tone your body. Have you ever seen those girls who are skinny but when you hold their arm it’s like squishy? It’s a skinny squishy arm or thigh or even tummy. That’s because they haven’t built any muscle or toned their body. Don’t be afraid to pick up those weights and use them.

Woman in gym lifting weights

Best way to strength train is to find a bootcamp or fitness class that involves weights. Sometimes the class instructor will separate the body into days, so you’ll have a day where you only work on legs (leg day) or arms or abs.

For my schedule I’m going to have a leg/butt day, arm/chest day and abs/back day since those are the muscle groups I want to work on. In between those days I’m going to fit in my cardio HIIT days. Which is where you do bursts of cardio at high speeds. I’ll give you details below:

Monday: Arm/Chest day

Tuesday: HIIT day

Wednesday: Abs/Back day

Thursday: HIIT day

Friday: Legs/Butt day

Saturday: HIIT day

Also every day I’m going to hike for an hour for cardio, this is to really speed up my weight loss since I want to get summer ready.

I’ll break down the exercises but really I’m just going to find videos on YouTube for each thing. Let’s hold each other accountable via snapchat or comments! Let’s start this today!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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