Spring Shape-Up: Nutrition

Hello all! Waking up on the Monday after Easter is daunting! I didn’t want to step on my scale but I knew I had to. It wasn’t so shocking but I was very bloated! Then I had to post this today and really think about my nutrition, it wasn’t easy.

We’ve all heard it, the 80% rule. Weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% what you work out. We’ve all heard it but it’s so hard to figure it out. Sure there are books and blogs on the subject but until you know what’s right for you you’ll feel lost. That’s how I felt, until I talked with my doctor. She put me on a no carb plan. Honestly it never hit me that it was the carbs before until she told me. I am far too sedentary to eat as many carbs as I was eating, and my body was storing. It could be something else for you but I guarantee if you lower your carbs you’ll see a difference.

My doctor wanted me to cut carbs completely and give me one cheat day a week. I found that to be really difficult but effective. In that one week that I did it I lost 6 pounds. Mostly I’m sure water weight but 3 of those pounds stayed off. However, it was far too difficult to do for me. Not very realistic. I didn’t realize how many carbs I eat daily. It was an eye opener as to what I was doing wrong. With that being said I decided to do something a bit less dramatic, I decided to do like a cone effect with carbs, as in I would eat the most carbs in the morning and virtually none the closer I got to bedtime.

I find that to be very helpful and effective as well. So here’s my menu and what I’ll be eating daily:


Avocado Toast with Egg-2

{Avocado toast with over easy egg}




{Quinoa Wrap with black beans, feta and avocado}


{Lemon chicken flatbread wrap}



{Beef Snap Pea and Asparagus}


{Turkey Burger with guacamole on a lettuce wrap}


{Lettuce Wraps with avocado and chicken}

I have more low carb recipes on my Pinterest. And I’ll definitely be adding more as I browse.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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