Spring Shape Up: Starting Point

Hello, happy Spring! Today I want to start off with one of my resolutions, and if your like most Americans one of yours too. If you resolved to lose weight back in January and you haven’t forgot all about it, you’re not alone. But I wanted to get back on the wagon because what we do in this season is what gets us ready for next. And next season is the scantily clad one that relies on this season!

Before I dive deep into this post, I wanted to remind you to love your body in whatever state its in now. We have to be content with what we have so that we can appreciate the outcome.  Click on the picture below to read a lovely blog post that will help and don’t forget to take the 7 day challenge! I did and it helped me to get clarification on what I wanted to do and why.

{Project Positive}

{Project Positive}

So whatever your goal is, whether it is to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, or get that six pack, first you have to love what you have to begin with. Let’s do this challenge together!

What do I want to accomplish? I definitely want to lose weight but mostly I want to keep my curves just tone them up. It’s a hard fete but I have a game plan for doing this!

First I will kick off a little cardio, I think hiking hills will do the trick for me. I especially love doing this in the spring because the weather is so nice. I am going to do a bit of cross training, I’ll get to specifics in later posts, and do some weight lifting, something that I’ve always been afraid of in the past.

They say 80% is your nutrition and what you put in your body so I’m definitely changing up my meals and being more conscious in that department. Details to come. For now let’s focus on the challenge at hand and next week we’ll talk about the nutrition aspect of it, the most important after all.

Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie


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