Simple & Fancy : Spring Edition

It’s Spring!! I absolutely love this season! I am much more creative and lively!333b83379e6084d9918ac20bd35f75cf

This winter, it took it out of me. I had been so busy, house shopping and then furniture shopping and then the holidays and then I couldn’t find my footing again. I’ll be honest this happens to me every winter. But as soon as Spring hits I’m refreshed and ready!

I am going to have a Spring Edition, so my whole blog will be different! Gone are my old categories! It will all be revamped for Spring! I might do this every season, and just change it up accordingly. I love living seasonably.

This Spring I am going to have 5 main categories, Spring Shape-Up, Spring Preen, Spring Nest, Spring in my Step and Spring-a-bration. These are the 5 main areas of this blog.

  • Spring Shape-Up will be a weekly post on Mondays on my goal to shape up physically. So I’ll not only post a check in but I’ll also weigh in and let you know how that week went for me.
  • Spring Preen is my beauty category, I will upload a new beauty related tutorial on my YouTube each Tuesday and here as well. This may be a tutorial on a particular look, a vlog, or hair tutorial. I want it to be varied.
  • Spring in my Step is going to be a weekly post on Friday on a Spring style or fashion trends. This is my most requested post and I will make sure I deliver.
  • Spring-a-bration is going to be a weekly video on that weekend (Saturday or Sunday) on a Spring related event or celebration. A lot of fun holidays and events happen in the Spring and I’m excited to show you my take on them. Some might be a how to host a particular event, or what to do at if you get invited.

I hope these are all fun and enjoyable for you. The first post will be tomorrow!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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