Weekend Re-cap

Good morning and happy Monday!

Hopefully your feeling revived from a few days off then more tired than ever. I had a great weekend! On Friday night we went to Home Goods and then to Target to buy stuff for our home. I am focused now on accessories and decorative items instead of furniture.

Then on Saturday we went to Canton, TX for the First Weekend Trade Days. It’s basically a giant flee market for the whole first weekend. They have farm animals as well as pets for sale. I got a few things for our house and my nieces and nephews got new pets!

Then on Sunday we went to Ikea again for the house, I feel like that’s what has me preoccupied. Decorating the house! I got a lot there too!

I will share what I got with you below, but I also joined Snapchat and shared a lot of what I bought there! Add me on Snapchat for what I’m doing, ana-maggie.


{Wish that last little tree wasn’t crooked}


{Still has the price tag on it}


{Missing a coffee maker}


{Gotta remove the wires}


{Need more pillows}


{Watching HGTV}


{Las Jaras}

After all that walking my feetsies were hurting so I decided to use a foot mask, then I went ahead and did a full spa Sunday. Check out my snapchat for more!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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