Seasonal Living

Good morning,

Hope you’re having a great Friday! This week I have been enjoying time with my mom since she’s in from Mexico. In talking to my mom I have realized that I am a seasonal living person.

I like to live in the season, with every aspect of my life. I get inspired by every season and love to do different things each season!

For instance, I make a new mood board for the season. For a video on last year’s Spring board click here! I haven’t done a mood board for this winter yet, but I plan on doing one soon! I’ll update you when I do.

I also change my clothes and accessories, even my makeup and perfume!

Right now were in winter and my beauty routine has made a massive overhaul for the season. I will talk about my winter skincare routine in an upcoming video and also my makeup products that I’m using a lot more in the winter. Stay tuned for both of those videos.

I like to change my meals in tune with the season too! I buy what’s in season because its fresh and inexpensive. Right now pears and pomegranates are in season so I looked up a good lunch salad for it, and low and behold I found one! Pear & Pomegranate Salad

Another big thing to do is lose weight! Especially in January a lot of people look up ways to lose weight. I am no different. But a big part of it is the nutritional aspect of it. I love to eat soups in the winter so I found soups to lose weight.

I’ll be updating this blog with the perfect DIY’s for the winter too! Right now I’m doing a new wreath for my french doors and I will show you what I did soon!


For now here is a fun Winter Bucket List brought to us by Paper & Glam. I love following Lisamarie and she’s a big seasonal living lover!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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