Travel Diary: Austin Texas

Last week the fella and I went to Austin Texas, and we had a great little adventure! I posted some pictures on my Instagram but here is our 3 days in Austin.

I hit a slight downloading problem, I accidentally erased a few clips so some things are missing, and I do apologize. I also didn’t post any outfit pics because I forgot.

I’ve included a list of the places we ate and visited as well. There were some places we couldn’t make it to but I highly recommend you go if you ever go to Austin to go to. I also forgot that we went to see the bats descend out of from under the Continental bridge. That is definitely a sight to see! I couldn’t get a good picture at all because it was dark but it was a nice stroll.

Food places we ate at:

  • Taco Deli
  • Home Slice
  • Torchy’s Tacos
  • Holy Cocoa
  • La Condesa

Where else to eat at if you can:

  • Franklin’s BBQ {Never been}
  • La Barbeque
  • Guero’s
  • Terry Black’s BBQ

Watering holes we went to:

  • Barton Springs
  • Ladybird Lake
  • Lost Creek
  • Bull Creek

Watering holes we couldn’t go to but wish we could:

  • Lake Travis
  • Hamilton Pool

Have a safe and fun trip, and try to take an adventure whenever you can.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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