Mani Monday: Spring Sky

Happy Monday,

We had a glorious weather weekend and my family and I wanted to take full advantage, so we took the park for a picnic, Frisbee, and a lot of people watching. The sky in Spring seems different than any other time of year, it’s crisper and brighter, even the hue of blue is different.

So I used that as inspiration for my nail polish, please excuse the terrible polish job, I was rushed when I was putting on my polish. This is from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection in the shade Sugar Fix, this is a line that I love for DIY at home manicures, it stays on for 2 weeks!
20150329_183403 20150329_183424 20150329_183430 20150329_183435 20150329_183502 20150329_183511We had a great time at the park, for more on my life check out my Instagram for updates. 20150329_180305



Tomorrow I’m uploading a mascara review on a super popular mascara, can’t wait to show you!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie

p.s. I was totally listening to John Legend PDA as I typed this and it put me in a better mood, try it!


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