Clear Complexion: Intro to Oils

Hello! Happy Weekend! I have a skincare video to share with you. Recently I noticed a dramatic change in my skin after I started using oils for a cleanser and moisturizer. Oils can cure any skin problem you have. Oily skin, clogged pores, blemishes, fine lines, thicker lashes, stretch marks, bumpy skin, sagging skin, razor bumps, dry skin, etc. Any skin problem you have can be cured or at least diminished with oils.

Check out which oils I use:

I am still going to dive deeper into oils so I’ll share with you later what I find.

I’m wearing:

  • plaid top (underneath) from New York & Co.
  • Sweater from Target
  • Necklace from New York & Co.
  • makeup is coming soon in a video
  • Nails are Revlon Perfumerie in Chocolate Truffle

Thanks so much for watching!

Stay Fancy,


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