What I want Wednesday: Scary Dreams

If your dreams aren’t scaring you, your not dreaming big enough! Right now what I’m doing isn’t scaring me. I am comfortable with my goals. For example, right now I’m pretty relaxed with this blog. If I don’t write a post it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone but me. That’s also not pushing me forward toward my goal.
My goal for this blog is to be a high traffic blog and be featured in magazines and be a prominent person in the beauty and fashion industry. Beauty and fashion is not only a goal and hobby but something I truly love to do. I receive tons of compliments on my outfits at school and by my friends and am told I’m a fashionable person.

That got me thinking that I will post style diary pictures and show you how I style the latest trends. I am going to push myself in most of my dreams and goals and make myself uncomfortable by doing this in 5 ways:

  1. I will take outfit pictures of myself. It is something that makes me very uncomfortable since I’ve had mean past comments but I’m going to push through to achieve my goal.
  2. I am going to try to take pictures in public places around the Dallas area, since Dallas is a beautiful city, but that will require me again to be brave in taking this pictures in public.
  3. I will also have to be brave and ask a friend to take my pictures. This makes me shy first of all to ask since they might be busy but also because I am not a fan of taking pictures.
  4. Also this is going to push my fitness and nutrition goal since upon seeing my pictures I am going to want to lose weight. This will make me accountable in my fitness and nutrition.
  5. All of this will make me post regularly which will help me plan better and be more organized since I have a lot I’m juggling already.


I will be more accountable in a lot of areas of my life. Tomorrow will be the first so please take it easy on me. Thanks for helping me be accountable and achieve my goals.


Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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