What I want Wednesday: more time!

As I’m typing this I’m sitting at school in the library,  waiting for my study group to come study. It’s midterms week and I have 2 tests, a quiz, and 3 papers to write. It’s been a busy week!  I wish I had more time to do other things. I’ve had to  cancel plans to hang with friends. Stay home when my friends and husband are all hanging out. Bring study cards when my family is hanging out just to sneak in a few notes.

My focus is in school and unfortunately that has kept my time off of other things,  namely hobbies. Such as this blog and filming videos. A Lott of ti me goes into my blog, from researching what I want to do, then actual doing it. Then there’s the editing process which takes up the most time. I sincerely apologize and recognize that this week is going to be a hard one but after this week, actually after next Tuesday I should be back to normal.

With that being said, I do want to change up my blog,  yet again. Let me know if you like my new plan. But I want to make this more of a fashion blog. Where I post looks of the day and what not. I get a lot of questions usually about what I’m wearing,  how I come up with my outfits and also to post more outfit pictures. So I will oblige and share my fashion with you guys. Starting next week of course.

I hope you stay tuned,  even this week.  Tomorrow I’m posting my Halloween costume makeup,  and then Friday I’ll post my costume.  Saturday will be a vlog too!

Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie

P.s. I did get off of Instagram and every other social platform except this blog and my YouTube. It was a distraction that I had to terminate.


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