Fashion Friday: Fall Staples

I wanted to share with you some staples I think you should stock up for in Fall. Everything I’m going to mention is about your preference and what goes with your body shape and style. I also share with you what I’m looking into this fall.

  • Jacket. Whatever you want to throw on as you leave the door. Sometimes the situation calls for a particular style but for the most part on a daily basis you’ll need a lightweight jacket. Some might want a blazer, a jean jacket, an anorak, a motorcycle jacket, a hoodie, or a thick cardigan. My choice is a hoodie under a blazer, since it’s easiest to wear to school, and I like that it’s preppy as well as rugged.
  • Scarf. This can also be a choice, there are infinity or circle scarves, there are silk scarves, knitted or crocheted scarves, thin and long scarves, thick short scarves, basically anything that is going to cover your neck. I’m loving my leopard print scarf that I’ve had for years.
  • Jeans. This again is your preference, they can be skinny, straight, boot cut, wide leg, jegging, faded, boyfriend style, distressed, wax coated, dark, light, black, printed, basically any kind of jeans you feel comfortable in. For me fall is about that dark wash jean, and I’m looking at a boot cut style.
  • Sweater. Again there are a variety of styles to choose from. You can go super thick or paper thin, long or cropped, turtle neck or v neck, or really any style neck, long sleeve or short or quarter sleeve, you can get a print or solid, which ever sweater you choose can be determined by your shape. For me, I’m looking for a grey wash thin sweater that’s long and I can wear with a top under.
  • Boots. Now this is where the list can get lengthy in terms of how many types their are. You can go with the height of the boots and choose a bootie, mid calf, knee, above the knee, and thigh high. You can then choose which kind and that varies in heel, style, color, and material. Your leg circumference and length is what will take precedence here, for me I am looking for a knee or thigh high boot. If you had shorter legs that could be a problem as well as someone with wide calves or ankles.
  • Necklace. I think necklaces are the jewelry item that stands out in the fall. I will be choosing big necklaces with tortoise shell and warm stones in maybe a rose gold necklace. I love the bib necklace or collar necklaces paired with a cute sweater. If you’re wearing a pretty necklace, I would forgo the scarf.

Let me know what you’ll be getting this fall as well. I will share with you when I get my staple items for fall.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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