What I Want Wednesday: New Hair!

I have recently been more obsessed with my hair than anything else I would say. I diligently go to the salon to get it cut, colored, and treated. I want to show you my hair inspiration this season.

As you know, this summer I decided to go very light! Blond! Well as blond as my very dark brown hair will go. This was the inspiration I had for my summer hair. I asked my hair stylist for caramel blond hair.


I asked for caramel blond hair for summer.

It was a fun summer with light hair, but all that bleaching can wreck havoc on your hair! So I had to cut off a lot to maintain shine and keep it healthy. Lesson learned! Now I want to go darker but still keep some of those light tones in it. Now I’m asking for caramel brown hair and getting a heavy trim to cut off the split ends.

This is what I'm asking for fall.

This is what I’m asking for fall.

I’m getting ready to go darker in the winter with longer strands with just a few caramel highlights like this.


This is what I want for winter.

So for now I have to deep condition a lot and keep getting a trim. Stay tuned to see what my hair looks like.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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