Fashion Friday: chic in checks

I have a prediction,  buffalo plaid is going to be huge this fall! Not just plaid but the red and black buffalo style.

I’ve been following this trend on instagram, and I wanted to share a few of those with you. I took screen shots but you can follow them as well.

The first is Mimi, the founder of Luxy hair extensions. She’s wearing buffalo plaid with grey jeans, bag and pumps and a camel coat.

Secondly we have my fashion forward sister, Belen who’s also a great photographer and has a great photography blog:. She’s pictured here with my equally fashionable brother.

Third, we have a target ad but it’s a great place for you to buy the trend at a inexpensive price.

Next, is a daring way to wear plaid by Jennifer, a fellow blogger. Mix is with a bold print.

Also, kids can get in on the action with tights. This is my cute little second cousin, named Maddie.

And finally, my take on the trend, I saw this plaid top and had to get it sick I’m not a fan of wearing a button up this was a great alternative. The left pic of my ootd’s. Also I feature this top in a video.

So a fun way I want to make this blog more interactive is to start a hash tag and hopefully you’ll tag me in any plaid pics you post on instagram. The hash tag is #chicchecks. Please tag me, I’d love to see your pics!
Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie


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