Spa Sunday: Amber Spice

Fall is a time to take longer baths while reading a good book with a glass of wine. Or is that just me?
It must not be because Ulta just made this experience more decadent. They have a new body line of several different fall appropriate scents. I love this new fall line, my favorite is the Amber Spice. It’s smells soft and spicy, just perfect for fall.

Let’s talk about the packag first, I love it. It makes the line look expensive and luxurious. I love the gold caps and matte bottles that are gradient in color.
I also love that it had a larger A. I took that as my initial.
The body wash is a dual product, it has essential oils and the wash that when shaken comes out foamy.

The body scrub has dead sea salt to scrub off dead skin cells.
The body butter is probably my favorite, just because I love how soft my skin feels after. It isn’t slick or leaves a film. It is really thick and leaves my skin so soft.

Ulta is currently doing a buy 2 get 2 free. So I stocked up!
Also, right now the points are double reward points! You can even use the $3.50 off coupon with it! So if you want to stock up too, now is your chance. I think I might even go back to get more.

Happy spa Sunday, I’ll talk to you tomorrow with my favorite manicure as if late.

Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie


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