Closet Encounter: Episode 1: Cramped Closet

I am introducing a new series for fall, it’s all about closets! I want to help answer the age-old question, “what do I wear?” by a video series that will talk about closets and also about what to put in that closet and as a result, what to wear.

The first video in the series will be about the closet itself. I went from a huge walk in closet to a small cramped closet. I knew I had to quickly become organized and develop space saving ideas to use my space properly and make the most of it.

1. Divide and conquer! I’m talking about separating your winter clothes from your summer clothes.

    • Color or print can help separate clothes, neon’s and bright colored clothes are definitely summer, and palm prints or pineapples can’t really be worn in the winter.
    • Spring and Fall clothes can be worn in-between seasons, so that variation of clothes can have a longer closet time.
    • Season or weather appropriate clothes will have to be evaluated; can I wear this neon mini skirt in the fall/winter?

2. Hanging in there! You guessed it, the hangers are equally as important because they are the best space saving tip for your closet. Your hangers can make or break your space.

    • Thin velvet hangers are the way to go if you don’t have a lot of space. The velvet helps clothes not to slip off easily.
    • Clipped hangers are for your pieces like skirts or sleeveless tops, a space saver cause if you fold the skirt it will take more room than if it is just hanging.
    • Hanging on a hanger is for when you really don’t have a lot of space, or you have a taller closet. You place a contraption that allows you to hook on a hanger to an existing hanger.

3. Compartmentalizing! This is another space savvy technique, that is anything that can put in a bin, put it in there. These items can be put in a dresser but for me my dresser holds tees and other items that can’t be hung, such as sweaters.

    • Unmentionables can be organized by socks, bras and undies in a 3-drawer organizer.
    • Accessories can also be placed in a bin for easy access; instead of having to hang scarves or belts you can just put them in a bin.
    • Lounge Wear for me is housed in a bin. I like to keep it there to grab items quickly and throw them on.
    • Seasonal Clothes such as gloves and mittens for the winter and swimsuits and cover-ups for the summer go in bins. Of course if it’s winter I only keep gloves and mittens and store my swimsuits with my summer clothes.
    • Work out wear for me goes in a bin too, I don’t have a lot and it’s all one color, black, so it all matches and that takes the guess work out of picking work out clothes.

This has helped me so far, I don’t feel as cramped anymore and I like my closet has a flow now. If you have more tips to help space save or organize my closet, let me know.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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