Fashion Friday: Stripes!

I have come to be known as the “girl with stripes” at school. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I guess depending on how you look at it. I wear a lot of stripes. Also, my planner, wallet and tote are all striped. So I can see where that name comes from.

But I just think it’s all over print that I love. Any kind of all over print! I looooove leopard print, I also like polka dots, and of course stripes. Also it’s the most flattering to wear, prints distract the eye if you want to conceal a certain area.

Here are a weeks worth of outfits from a few weeks ago.

And yet another weeks worth of outfits, these pictures are stolen from my Instagram.


This is the outfit I wore on Monday, with stripes and lace.


And this is the outfit I wore yesterday, where I was called “girl with stripes”.


As I mentioned, all over print is flattering, all the printed tops compared to when I wear a solid shirt look more flattering on me. I usually like to conceal my upper half, since I am top heavy.

So there is a method to my all over print madness. If you like to wear all over prints, let me know. Also tomorrow I’ll be uploading my Saturday vloggerday video, all about my closet! Stay tuned for that.

Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie


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