Spa Sunday with an Aztec mask

I bought this mask a while ago and I just ran out of my mark. clay mask and I saw a few bloggers like it as well so I thought I would try it.


These are the items you’ll need, the mask, a bowl that’s not metal, and a plastic spoon, preferably with a heart on the handle.


Now take a spoonful of the powder, I took two and that was a mistake, I made too much.


Oh you’ll also need water, or apple cider vinegar. I used water.


Use equal parts, so 2 spoons of the powder combine with two spoons of water, or apple cider vinegar.


Mix well, I didn’t mix it all the way cause it is hard to mix.


You should have a consistency like this, like mud.


Now apply to your face, leave on until it dries completely.


Then you can do something to pass the time, for me it’s studying.image

This is where your face will feel tight and like its pulsating. It felt good, like it was penetrating deep in my pores.

You’ll start to see it harden and crack.


I’m very excited about using this mask weekly. I will let you know how my skin improves after a few weeks. Until tomorrow have a great Sunday!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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