What I want Wednesday

I’m starting a new category called What I Want Wednesday, now this might seem like a selfish or materialistic category but I was thinking long and hard about what to talk about on Wednesday and I decided I will write about what I want or what I’m into that week, or what I wish.

So for today I leave you with just this thought; I want more than anything is to live in the moment.

I see it all the time, people are holding phones up at restaurants, screens are on at movies and at church, kids are listening to head phones in the car while their parents are driving, kids are on tablets on pretty days, even when people go out or do fun things, their holding their phones to snap a pic (or lots of pics) instead of enjoying the moment fully. I see so many situations of such disconnect.


You would think with so much technology we’d be more connected but it’s the other way around.

And I will admit to at least a few of these infractions. So what I pledge or promise to do is keep my phone in my bag at the following situations:

  • while in the car
  • at any eating situation
  • when I visit anyone’s house or vice versa
  • at church
  • in the movies
  • definitely on date night
  • basically when I’m in front of anyone and having a conversation

If you want to join this promise/pledge with me let me know down below.

So for now, I’m going to go live, fully in the moment.

Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie

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