Mani Monday: summer nails

I recently bought this Jenna Hipp What’s Hot Now The New Brights kit at Costco. It has 8 mini nail polishes that are all natural and just the right size for a season of use, and an emory board. For only $7!!!


I thought this was a great kit and I even bought one for my niece’s birthday. These go on smooth and only need 2 coats. And these are the perfect summer colors.


My favorite is the red one called Just One Bite.



This is a green nail polish line so I was thrilled to use it.


Anyway on to the color application. This is one application.
This is 2 applications. Please excuse my terrible polish application.
Over all I think the green and orange aren’t what the box suggests and when purple is a little lighter than pictured as well.

I love the colors! Let me know what you think. Tomorrow I’ll be uploading a new tried and true review.

Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie

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