National Lippy Day!

Happy National Lipstick Day! Rejoice lipstick lovers, there’s a whole day for you to indulge in your lippies. I’m a huge fan of lipsticks, I think it’s so elegant when reapplying and the rubes they come in have gotten more and more pretty!
If I can just figure out where to buy these beautiful Paul and Joe lipsticks I’ll be happy.
For now I’ll show you my favorites in no particular order:

NYX Smacking Fun Colors in Indian Pink, it’s a cross between pink and peach in a beautiful frost finish. This is as close to pink I’m going to get to in the summer.

Maybelline The Vivids in Vivid Rose. The name rings true for this shade, vivid! Definitely a daring choice. This is a newer lipstick for me but it made it to my top lippies.

Next is mark. Lipclicks in Coral Fixation. This is the second tube I buy because I love it so. A pinky coral color that has a minty taste.

Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Siren Creme finish. This is a super moisturizing formula and I just love the fun summer color which is totally in, orange!

Wet n Wild lipstick in Bare It All. This is the cheapest of the bunch, but don’t let that fool you, it stacks up just fine with the most expensive ones. The color is my absolute favorite, I love nudes more than anything. And the formula is matte but not dry.

Make up Forever Rouge Artist Natural in N9. This is a sample that I got and it’s the perfect everyday nude for my skin in the summer. This is my favorite formulation of the bunch, not too matte or shiny.

What are your favorite lipsticks? These are all drugstore lipsticks by the way.

Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie


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