Tried and True: Boscia Mask Medley

Summer is here, and I don’t know about you but it can wreck havoc on your skin, especially if you already have oily or combo skin. Your pores are already open and with the heat they open more, and when your oily or sweaty that begins to clog your pores. You produce more sebum this time of year which can lead to black heads if not taken care of. It can get real bad, real fast. But I’m here to help! I want to let you guys know how to unclog pores for the summer.

All you have to do is apply a face mask at least twice a week. Maybe every three days, I also exfoliate every night and I’ll review my favorite exfoliator later but for now this is my tried and true review for the Boscia Mask Medley. (This is an older version of the set and it only has 3 masks and now it has 4 different masks.)

I didn’t get a chance to film the Bright White Mask, but I did film the Luminizing Black Mask and Cool Blue Calming Mask. Check out my review.

I really recommend this new set from Boscia, especially for only $18, and you get 4 different masks that are perfect for this hot season. You can use each mask twice, since they give you a lot. Remember to only use a small amount and really smooth it out.

I loved the Luminizing Black Mask, Cool Blue Calming Mask and Bright White Mask, I think I will try out the Green Tea Oil Control Mask, I’ll let you know soon.

Thanks so much for watching! Next week I will be uploading a new tutorial on my date look for my new series.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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