Svelte Silhouette: Nutri System Fast 5

As promised a while ago I am going to upload a series called svelte silhouette where I share my weight loss efforts with you. To start off I will show you what I started my weight loss effort with, the NutriSystem Fast 5.

I want to show you my experience with the NutriSystem Fast 5 system, I actually did this a few months ago, in January or February. Please watch the video for the details of the system and contents. I saw these available at Walmart in January but it might still be available now, it is about $40.

My over all thoughts on the system is that I like it and it did work for me. I did keep that weight off too. I went ahead and tried to do the NutriSystem for a month and that however, did not work for me. It was very hard for me to keep to the plan and only eat those meals, plus they had a lot of sodium, which made me retain water weight.

Over all, I think the fast 5 is a good way to jumpstart your weight loss so I would give it a go if you want to start out. I will share with you my current nutrition and fitness routine.

Thanks for watching and stay fancy,
Ana Maggie


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