Fashion Friday: Summer Trends

This summer the style is not trendy its classic. I’m into buying classic pieces that will last a long time and if I’m into a trend, then buying that trend in an accessory. Call it growing up or reaching a certain age but that’s what I’m into.

  • Neon accentsf492d64d82139ecee4231cfe12bbf1a6



  • Stripes!21641c71c741aad4f79d0b717a02559d 8143dc65b5a4de4250ea18c77f0e245b 7154fb5929f2cfa4e88c641d8d918efd80ed581a6031dc0790b6c9bed16f64bf8bea0de058eaf0ebb0f796e225b5993c
  • White on White!b4fe6b20c913c7b57a4154ae4c725c94 88bf067bbaf2fe1782c2f923b3138e37018ac8b0a30a66a76081366284f6713bSimple Tee’s!388fa3b8f189b7d22362310731d1a1b39acc6450f0956773c962db5eca37a058eef5374f933b9c4d112094776a05a9d8Stay tuned for my takes on the above styles.


Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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