Summer Love

It’s officially summer! This is my favorite season!b7635279c87e5e9a3059e4e80a6d2481

I’m not sure if it’s the longer brighter days or the  sun hitting my skin making it warm.2f921595a8f71a9e3d38514cbab733f4

Everyone looks radiant and glowing. The sun lightens your hair and darkens your skin; and the salt in the air curls your hair. I love every bit of it.72d5a7943d06b24023c73b832d474e78

Sure, it can get hot and sticky and your skin might get clogged, but if you know how to combat the challenges of the season then you’re golden, literally. 33767bf6b23445d001e7a5becab9d4b0I’m going to share all my tips and tricks to achieve great hair, skin, makeup, nails, fashion and even some entertaining tips.5ae58d6536bf0abe346716caa4760fb5
The food is a little bit sweeter too!9e4424d862904da13cca4a77127ed159fe08bfb099b1e0a089b3a6c7977d7471I’m going to have a new series called, Summer Date Night, in which I share with you my date night makeup looks. And a few date night ideas.    6d43b80559aae98332f1049156ce20b5     Weekend trips become the norm, heading out the door with your weekender bag and piling into the car on a road trip. And then there’s that great beach vacation you’ve been dreaming of all winter, and planning all spring! 4937031ae18a2bb65a8d2f562a6d5656c598f96433627b92be3f48690909bf7a

Check back daily to see my latest posts! Also all these pictures are from my Pinterest.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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