Spring in my step

It’s officially Spring! There’s spring in my step during these months, maybe it’s because we’ve had a long dreary winter. But the sun is starting to come out, the days are getting longer and warmer, and everyone is out and about enjoying the day. There’s still a chill in the air but that won’t stop the cheerful colors and preppy style from seeping in.

I will break down the spring skin tone next week, like I usually do, with what tones are best for your hair, and skin. For now let’s take a peek at some of the trends I’m looking forward to. As usual these can all be found on my Pinterest board titled Spring in my Step.

1. Sheer socks image


2. Biking image

3. Polka please wpid-b0d0ca42a9f05f1ef0172d11e8a2dfa1.jpg

4. Baby blues image



5. Skater Skirt image

6. Fit and flare image

7. Trench coats image



8. Big hair don’t care image

9. Fresh skin image

10. Stiletto/Almond nails image
11. Flamingoes feathers




12. Boat Rides image

13. Perforated and punchy image

14. Floral on black image


15. Mixing prints image



16. Cropped topsimageimageimageimage
17. Fruit accessories image


18. Bucket/backpack bags image


19. Nude Lipsimageimageimageimage
20. Yellow image



In the upcoming months I will upload outfits and looks inspired by these spring trends!

I wanted to share my spring blogging schedule with you guys as well; you will see an outfit post every Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesdays I’m dedicating a video to tried and true reviews. Thursdays will be how to be thrifty and Friday I am uploading my finds for the week. Saturday I will upload a tutorial or other random video. Tomorrow I’m uploading my SXSW fashion looks!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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