Beauty Box Breakdown

Introducing, or I should say re-introducing, Thrifty Thursdays! I think thrifty is the thought for the day! I want to show you how I’m thrifty with beauty and fashion every week, starting today.

Everywhere you look someone is offering a sample box or bag. If you’re unaware of this latest trend, it’s a service of sending you “personalized” products once a month for a nominal fee. You take a short quiz and they determine your personality and send you products depending on your personality or traits. It’s a great way to test out or sample products you don’t normally get to try out. That way you don’t have to spend a lot of money trying out different products.

Usually however they have a set list of products that they pick from every month to send you so it’s not like if you say you like night time makeup and they send you that. They send you what they have according to your likes. They work with a few companies and those companies will send them several products to send out a month. Then if you want to buy the sample they give you a coupon code.

There are tons of different sample services geared toward many different things. There are all natural ones, or luxury ones. There are some for hair, jewelry, shoes, even for dogs and cats! And some for only men, which I thought was kind of cool. Today, however, I’m going to talk beauty boxes/bags. Here are just a few that I know of.


Michelle Phan creates Ipsy Glam bag
[Image from Bella Sugar]

I’m currently subscribed to Glam bag by Ipsy; it’s a beauty bag service that sends you a monthly makeup bag with 4 sample size products and 1 full size product. It’s only $10 a month and is from Michelle Phan the YouTube sensation and it showcases videos of her and other YouTube guru’s using the products. They glam bag always has a general theme, January was skincare, February was love related products, which I do like since I’m a theme loving kinda gal.

Recently, I have noticed a decline in the quality of said products and the makeup bags as well. All of my most recent glam bags have ripped or come apart at the seams or the zipper broke off or it just didn’t hold well. Which is ok I just give them to my nieces and keep my own bag.

The products are sample sized like I mentioned before and there is supposed to be one full size product. Recently that full size product has been a nail polish or lip balm which you can find anywhere for under $4, and if they send you one every month you start to rack up more than you need. The companies have been the same so were not getting a wide variety of companies to  try out. I do like that there is something for skincare, nails, hair, and makeup products.

I do like that the bag has a general theme, but usually the theme comes a little later than the holiday. For example February was Valentine’s day products and I received my glam bag after Valentine’s Day. Usually the glam bag arrives after the 15th of the month, and you pay for it on the 1st, for those who don’t like to wait a while to receive their products, this might be of annoyance.

I think I’m going to wait to see if I’m going to unsubscribe from my Glam bag service. I think I like the idea of choosing my own samples so I’m going to check out Beauty Army, and I do like things that come in fancy boxes so I might also check out GlossyBox.

So now that you know what the monthly service box is, would you subscribe to one? Which one would you or do you already subscribe to?

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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