Svelte Silhouette Routine

I know I promised my svelte silhouette routine; generally I’m pretty tight lipped about this sort of thing. The way that I or anyone else for that matter loses weight is so personal. Everybody is different and the routine should be different. So for my svelte silhouettes I’m going to keep my specifics out of it. But I will mention what I have been changing and what I’m doing. Obviously losing weight is a complete life change, from what you eat to what you do, even to your mentality.

Mentally, you have to know you can do it; you have to have confidence that you can change your body. It’s a mind game, like telling yourself to get off the couch to be active; and telling yourself that you don’t need sugar or a snack. That you can push yourself harder; to do one more lap or rep. I think that’s the hardest part, for me it is anyway. I always underestimate what I can do.

So I made mini mental goals to achieve my main goal:


 I remind myself of these goals daily by looking at this picture for inspiration, I call it thinspiration.

 Have a great Monday and don’t forget to create mini goals to reach your main goal.

 Stay Fancy
Ana Maggie


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