Valentine’s Day Finds

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for me, (as with all holidays), I love to celebrate it. It’s a day to celebrate the love you have for someone. It can be anyone, your parents, your children, your friends, and yes of course your lover.
imageI think Valentine’s Day is for lovers! You have one day set aside to really bask in the love you feel for someone. A lot of time you can fall into a routine, and you forget how special that someone is. Then you start to take them for granted. That’s why I like Valentine’s Day, it’s a day to be romantic and sweet.
imageI love the idea of giving Valentine’s cards like in school, when I worked with Pre-k I loved this day because the kids felt giddy and special when they received their cards. I want to send my loved ones a little card telling them how much I love them. Send one to your mom I’m sure she would love it. Here are a few cute DIY cards!
imageimageimageFor those girls that like to celebrate with a lover, what better way than with some sexy lingerie. Get some and wow your boo!
imageAs for the men in your life, I’m sure you’re wondering what to get them, they usually don’t give hints. I think men think this holiday is for women so imagine how surprised they’ll be when you come home with a gift for them! It will really show them how much you love them. These are ideas coming from my fella so they are man approved:

  • Beer making kit / better than buying a 6 pack
  • Car detail kit/ or get their car detailed for them
  • Gun range gift card / this would also be a date idea
  • Hot shave / book a barber appointment for him
  • Brewery tour / another cute date night

If there are any men looking at this, I’m sure the women in your life have given you many hints on what they want all you have to do is listen. But if you still need some help I think you can’t go wrong with perfumes. It’s one thing you can have a lot of and it’s ok. She will like it more since you picked it and will wear it more often, so make sure you get a scent you like.
As for me I am getting my cards ready to send out, narrowing down my outfit choices and putting the finishing touches on my Mr’s gift. And making sure I do these exercises to look great!

Hopefully this inspires you to get something sweet this weekend. Do you like Valentine’s Day? How do you great ready?

Stay Fancy
Ana Maggie

P.s. Stay tuned tomorrow for my vlog on my recent empties!

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