Find it Friday: Motorcycle Jacket

Blazers have been my outerwear of choice for a while now; I love how they make your outfit look more polished and put together. However, as of late I have turned my attention to motorcycle jackets. They make me look more edgy, still put together but with a glam twist. So I have begun my search for a motorcycle jacket.

My jacket has to meet some requirements however. It must be faux; I don’t think I could deal with the heat of a real leather jacket. It’s got to hit at just the right place on my body, not too cropped or I’ll just end up looking more top heavy and nothing too low since I want my bottom to be accentuated. I need it to hit right at my midsection, to really hourglass my body. I want it big enough to where it doesn’t pull anywhere, and it can’t be double breasted, since again that makes you look top heavy. I don’t want any studs or chains or hardware at all except the zippers. I also definitely don’t want to pay that much for it. Somewhere under $100 is where I’m looking.

Here are the options I’ve found online:


This style is from H&M for $50


This is a biker style from H&M for $50.


This one is from Vince Camuto for $42


This one is from Zara for $119


Last one and this is from Zara for $30 on sale

I’m very much a try-it-on-in-person type of girl so I will be hitting the pavement on this search as well. I will let you know my findings. Which do you think I should get?

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie

P.s. Every Friday I’m going to post finds that I’m searching for that current week.


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