Winter tones

It’s time to talk about tones again!
If you remember last fall I showed you all about the autumnal tone, well pull out those fore arms and search for those veins again! In the winter you lose color and might darken your hair. If you have bluish or purple veins you have a cool undertone, and if your hair is darker and you have blue or dark brown or black eyes you are in a winter tone!
Those are people with cool undertones with bright features. Some examples would be Courtney Cox-Arquette, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jennifer Connelly; they have dark hair with light skin and bright blue/violet eyes. They look radiant this season. They’re skin and eyes pop!
image The colors that compliment winter tones are silvers, blues, greys, black, and cherry reds, anything with cooler undertones. You do want to stay away from warm tones such as orange and yellows, they will make you look sallow. The white you’re looking for is crisp white, and don’t worry you can definitely wear white in the winter.

Some examples of palettes to look for are those with an icy or cooler look to it. The Naked 3 palette might be perfect! But also try cool browns with black, that will make your eyes stand out!
imageimageAs for lipsticks, try going bold, I think the lips are where it’s at this season. And it will contrast your bright eyes. Try those dark lips like Lorde and you might be surprised.
The metal that stands out in the winter is silver or platinum or even pewter. Any bright colored gemstone stands out against your skin. Think bright jewel colors and go with those, like sapphire, garnet, rubies, or amethyst. This is not the season for wood or earth tone jewelry, so it’s easy to stay away from those.
imageimageFor hair I would recommend blonds to go with platinum highlights or ash tones put in. Of course brown black is a great option. Definitely stay away from red or auburn colors.

 If you don’t have a winter tone don’t fret, teal and fire engine red are colors that go with every skin tone. Taupe is also a great option for those with warm tones during the winter.

Just be inspired by the cool winter colors and you’ll get the right idea! Stay warm!

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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