Winter Trends

These trends are what I’m into for this season. Follow my Pinterest board titled Winter Wonderland for a lot more trends and fashion inspiration and the links to these pics!

  • Faux Fur – Of course if your going to flaunt fur make sure it’s faux. It’s a luxe statement!


  • Blush Tones – Everything looks better with blush tone makeup, especially barely there pink lips.


  • Shades of Grey – Grey is the new black this season! Especially paired with white accessories.


  • Winter Hats – Hats are becoming more and more popular. It’s a stylish way to keep your head warm during the freeze!


  • Booties – I absolutely adore wearing booties with everything, jeans, skirts, dresses, anything goes with booties.


  • Metallic – Add some gleam to your look with metallics, especially just an accessory.


  • Winter White – Winter white is kind of an eggshell white, looks so chic!


  • Sweater Weather – It’s time to pull out the ole chunky sweaters, belted it looks more polished!


  • Navy – Perfect outerwear color! If your looking to get a coat, try on the navy. The look is more chic!
  • Leather Jacket – I am in dire need of a motorcycle leather jacket! It will really elevate my look.


  • Stripes – Stripes are really an every season thing but in the winter they are more classic.


  • Cool pink – The pink this season has a cooler tinge to it. It looks almost lilac.

As you probably noticed a lot of these trends are used two or three times in one look. Stay tuned for many of these trends interpreted by me.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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