How to take a compliment?

That’s more a question than a how-to. I’m struggling with this and I need help see I was never really considered to be a pretty teen growing up. I had braces and I always had bangs for some reason so I looked childish with my round face. I’ve really always had a double chin even in my skinny youth; it’s more of a family trait. I also have a little bump on the bridge of my nose that is another wonderful family trait. To add to all this I was kind of an odd teen in the sense that I rarely smiled; an introvert.


I hadn’t discovered the wonder of makeup until I was in my twenties. I think I just work at my own slow pace and I’m coming to terms with that. Those introverted makeup less days are long behind me now.

Since I never received tons of compliments growing up; it’s hard to accept compliments now. I think I’ve sort of been the ugly duckling now that I’m somewhat swan like I have to come to terms with people complimenting me every now and then.

I usually just have a dumbfounded look and muster up a quick thank you. I then try to change the subject as fast as I can. But being that I’m still shy, not quiet but shy, I think it comes across as rude or conceited that I can’t accept a compliment.

You see now why I must change this perception of me fast. So what do you suggest? I really do want to come across appreciative. It’s a tricky matter really because you want to seem thankful but not carry on in the conversation about your looks seeming narcissistic. And you don’t want to dismiss the compliment altogether because it takes a lot to give one.

Since I’m a brute at receiving compliments I don’t dole them out either. I’m not sure why, I do think people should receive compliments daily but I just don’t say them. I want to learn how to be graceful in receiving compliments and giving them as well.

So if in the past I have been a complete brute at receiving a compliment I apologize and from this point forward be generous in my compliments.

Stay Fancy
Ana Maggie


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