Autumn Glow

Warm autumn skin tones

Have you noticed that some people look like they come alive in the fall? Like their skin is radiant and their complexion is glowing? They might be pregnant or they might be warm or autumnal skin tones.
Everyone has an undertone to their skin, on some it’s more pronounced on others it’s harder to tell. I always think the vein test is the best to determine skin tone. Look at your forearm or wrist in natural light, as in go outside on sunny day. Are your veins green, or bluish? Your veins are blue but when under a warm (yellow) skin tone they appear green. When blue veins are under cool skin tones they appear blue. This is always the best way to tell, if you can’t see your veins there try another part of your body where your veins are noticeable. There are more tests to determine skin tone a quick Google search should get you on your way.
Now that you know your skin tone it’s time to play it up. This post will be about warm autumn skin tones since that is my skin tone and were in that season. I have green veins and an olive complexion.


Perfect fall color palette

When looking for clothing I tend to stick with warm fall autumn colors, like tan, copper, caramel, beige, burnt orange, gold, dark reds, ivory, camel and rich brown. This will make my skin look the healthiest and most natural. Greens are contrastive colors so my skin stands with greens, like teal, mint, emerald hunter, olive, and Kelly green, really any green. I tend to look for greens with more yellow to it. Blues are colors to stay away from generally if you are autumn skin tone. But I’m a big believer in trying things on, that’s why there are fitting

Perfect for autumn tones

Have you ever seen an eye makeup look and tried it on yourself and it doesn’t look the same. Like it doesn’t stand out as much. This is because of under tones. When searching for eye makeup colors I always go with the same tones as in clothing. When done correctly you can wear the opposite from your eye color to make it stand out, for my warm brown eyes that would be greens as mentioned above.
I put some examples in palettes below.

Best nudes for both tones


Best nude for cool skin


Best nude for warm tones

Your hair and jewelry play an important part in your tones as well. Hair is more difficult since colorists can mix in different tones to make your hair color. The best is to go to a professional and let them mix your perfect hair color. Let them know you want to take into consideration your skin tone. That is an entirely different post that I might cover later.

Autumn hair

Jewelry is the easiest, gold or rose gold, brass or copper look best on warm skin tones. I love the way rose gold looks on my skin so I like to buy rose gold jewelry. But again just try it on.
Fall is the perfect season for warm skin people because almost everything becomes warmer in tone even the fall landscape with the warm leaves falling, the pumpkins and richer greenery. That’s why it’s an autumn skin tone.

As with everything it is different with each person so try things on, these are just starting off points.

Stay Fancy
Ana Maggie


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