Last day!

Today is the last day of my 21 day challenge and boy was it a challenge! I think this week was harder than the first and second. I had a harder time especially keeping sane non negative thoughts in my mind. I’d like to say that this week was especially hard on me but I know that life will not always be peaches so I do want to learn how to keep my mind positive when people aren’t towards me. I will work on it.

Secondly, I did not run or workout as much as I wanted. I like and had better results working out in the morning. It is easier since when I get home I don’t want to work out but the fella said he will work out with me in the evening so I might go back to evenings. Also I read online that I should give it 6 weeks to create a working out habit. So I will continue to work out to make it a habit.

As far as eating better and healthier I did do a better job since the fella is eating healthier with me as well. It’s so much easier to get your whole fam on board when you want to eat better. But I do give myself a day to cheat! What can I say I’m an indulgent person.

Moving forward I think this was a good thing to do cause I think its important to try to improve yourself. I think this was a great challenge and definitely a learning experience. I’m happy  I did it and hope the habits I made stick.

Stay Fancy
Ana Maggie


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