svelte silhouette: cardio

I decided I’m going to run a half marathon this December and I have begun training for it. I can already run 3 miles so I knew I had to incorporate hills and interval training to build up my endurance.

Let’s start with interval training, the lesser of the two evils. I used to do interval training as walking 2 minutes then running at a moderate pace for 1 minute. I considered that my interval workout. But most recently I switched it up to jogging at a moderate pace for 2 minutes, then sprinting or running for 2 minutes, then back down to jogging for 2 minutes. And so on and so forth for about a half an hour. I do this when I am at the gym on the treadmill. It’s easier to keep track of than when you’re running outdoors.

Now moving on to hills. I’m less fond of hills. I do this outdoors of course, not on a treadmill. I live in a super hilly area so I can just run outside and I’m bound to run into hills. I found a super steep long hill that I’m now trying to conquer! When it comes to this it’s easy you just try to run up it the whole time.
This is my cardio training so far, I know when it comes to cardio it’s subjective but I wanted to share with you my cardio.

Stay Fancy
Ana Maggie

P.s. I get suoer inspired by my niece. She’s mini yet mighty!


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