Barn wedding

This past weekend my family and I went to a beautiful barn wedding!  A lot of people have the misconception that since I’m from Texas I live in the country but no I live in Dallas which is a big city so I have never been to a barn wedding. People wore jeans and flip flops and I saw some people barefoot! It was a long way away from the weddings I usually attend with heels and fancy dresses. But I loved it!


Was taken by my brother in law

We went to a town outside of Austin called Hutto. The wedding was to take place in a gazebo outside and the reception in a barn but it poured right when the bride stepped out so we all ran into the barn for the ceremony. The bride and all her guests were wet from the pouring rain but somehow that made it all the more fun. (Good thing I decided on a top knot). They said the cutest vows that brought tears to my eyes (I always cry at weddings) and with the rain falling outside it was even more magical. We got down with some BBQ and caramel apples. Then the lights got dark and everyone started dancing.

The bride had to laugh off the rain


Me and my brothers and sisters


Me and my beautiful niece's

Sunday we decided to check out Austin. It was gorgeous weather so we went to the State Capitol. I don’t think I had ever been in there. It was fun!
Then we went into a boot store so my sister could spend hours trying on boots, but I tried some on too even though I wasn’t going to buy any. Not every girl in Texas has cowboy boots. They’re just not my style.

Me and my sister


These boots were $2000!

Then we went to have lunch at Rudy’s BBQ, the BBQ was good and I was super full!

Yup I ate all that

It was a good long country weekend and I liked it, a nice break from ordinary.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie


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