Fall Makeup Trends

It’s time for fall the rich dark hues that is fall makeup! It’s my favorite season for makeup. I like to put a little bit more on and a lot more color. My lips become blood stained and my eyes get shadowy! I want to show you what to look forward to this fall season.

Flawless Skin I know I say this every time but it’s more important than any of the following makeup looks. Get your skin beautiful.
Crimson Lips the lips will be red but a deeper more powerful red. Like that of blood. When you wear these red lips its best to stick to a neutral face and bold brows.
Peacock blue-green-teal eyes the color of the season is in the blue family. That mix of peacock blues and greens. The lips of course have to be nude to keep the attention on those eyes.
Burgundy nails my favorite nail color of the moment is burgundy! It’s very fall appropriate and elegant. I’m keeping away from nail art for this season; maybe a matte nail but mostly just doing burgundy nails.
Ombre Lips I’m in love with the idea of ombre lips; where it’s a color gradient of nude to crimson. Again the focus should remain on the lips so I would leave a cat eye with this.
Bold Brows the brows are getting fuller and unruly! Let your natural brow grow out and just pluck the stray hairs. It’s more youthful and bold.
Ombre hair I had ombre hair years ago but it was a very drastic ombre, as in the brown went straight into a blond look. Ombre is more subtle and soft this fall. The blond is piecey and sporadic (I had a Clueless moment there).
Messy buns my hair is just long enough to put in a ballerina bun but it still has pieces that fall out of it but I love that! It’s messy and sexy, and that’s the way buns are going this fall.
The cat burglar cat eyes are nothing new but this fall the line becomes bolder and more daring! The flick is higher like the late great Amy Winehouse.
Messy Waves this fall hair will get messy but in a good way. The waves are always better the next day.
I will show you all these looks in a video every Tuesday so stay tuned. All pictures available on my Pinterest.

Stay Fancy
Ana Maggie


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