cha cha cha changes!

It’s a new season and a new blog! I hope you like the blog layout so far. While I’ll always be a mark. girl at heart, I’m no longer a representative of mark. So I decided a change was in order.
I was thinking of a new blog name and decided Simple & Fancy because I always say I’m a simple girl who likes fancy things. I feel that is the best description of me and what I write about. I grew up in the simplest of ways and still appreciate that way of life the most. That’s why I decided simple and fancy.
I want to make this a blog covering not only beauty related subjects but more of a lifestyle blog. There will be lifestyle, parties, beauty, family and advice. I hope you like the blog and check it daily for updates!
Here are more pictures from my photo-shoot. My sister is the photographer. Check her out:
I am posting a video every Tuesday. My YouTube channel will only have beauty tutorials from now on. I don’t get a lot of views on other videos so I will make that solely tutorials that upload every Tuesday. Check there for weekly updates.
I’m also partnering with my friend to make video episodes for women covering all subjects and even advice. More info on that later, I’m super excited for this project! Stay tuned for that!

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube but mostly here!

Stay fancy,

Ana Maggie


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