Blazing Apples

To my surprise there are 3 main shapes of body types; of course your body can fall in between. There is the apple, the pear and the chili pepper. (Why they’re all food named I’m not sure). Picture each food item and you should get a perfect idea of what the shape is.

Apple is larger up top and narrower at the bottom, pear is just the opposite, narrow up top and wider down below. The chili pepper is straight up and down as is the body, mostly athletic or “boy bodies” fit this one. Of course then there is the hour glass shape which is what all these other shapes try to be. So if you’re an hour glass shape consider yourself very lucky, everyone else is striving balance and that is as balanced as your body can get.
As mentioned before my body shape is that of an apple. Believe me I’m not thrilled about it, but I have found that my staple of outer wear is (as it should be) the blazer!
It’s not just the perfect shape for my body but it’s also perfect for me since I love structure and clean lines. It skims the mid-section making it less noticeable. It should hit right at the hip so that the line lengthens your shape and draws the eye down. Steer clear of double breasted styles or lapels that are too big. As well as any texture up top as that may draw more attention.
Also blazers just help you look put together and streamlined. I like it with torn jeans and booties to shorts and sandals.

You can find all these on my Pinterest.

Stay Fancy,
Ana Maggie

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