Pumpkin Face

Happy first day of fall!

Let’s kick off the fall with a pumpkin face mask. Actually I like to start off the new season with a facial but my appointment is next week so I’ll let you in on that next week. But I digress I got this Michael Todd pumpkin mask in my glam bag and when I opened it I got a strong whiff of pumpkin so I waited until fall to use it.

Like I said it smells very strongly of pumpkin so immediately I wanted to add some cinnamon to my face but I didn’t.
I put the recommended amount on just like it said and gave it time to dry. It went on with a smooth consistency not too chunky or too thin, just right I thought.
My skin around my nose hurt upon puttung it on and a bit after I rinsed it off. Like it was stung and it was very red. I’m not sure if I had an allergic reaction to it but it did hurt there.

I’m pretty pleased with my skin though, it felt tight but soft and very silky. Like it revived my skin and added moisture.
I’m glad I got this in a glam bag for free considering its $34. I’m sure there are all natural recipes on Pinterest, like this one here.

My final verdict: good but not worth the price. I can make my own.

Stay fancy,

Ana Maggie


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