Quinceañera’s are a coming of age for young girls in the Latin heritage. A time to put up the dolls and put on makeup and high heels. I, of course, didn’t really let go of my dolls at 14, I’m pretty sure I played with them until I was 18. And I didn’t put makeup or heels on until I was in my twenties. (I’m a late bloomer, and times were simpler back then.) But Quinceañera’s were also very different from what they are now, they were more of a ritual and now they are whatever you want them to be. They are as unique as the Quinceañera herself. So I present 3 completely different Quinceañera’s.

The first one was for my niece in February. She is an adorable-shy-book-loving girl who loves fantasies and princesses. And her Quince was just that; a Cinderella dream theme:

The second Quinceañera I attended was a sweet 15 party for my husband’s niece. She is a sweet-sporty-girl who loves having fun and playing games. And her Quinceañera was just that. She had a sweet 15, which was more of a fun party! There were games, a candy theme and outfit changes. I did make a blog post on how to pack for that since it was out of town.
The third Quinceañera I went to was this past weekend for my husband’s second cousin. It was out of town as well so I had to pack for the whole weekend, the packing tips remain the same. This one was a bling theme with a night full of dancing. I don’t really know this quinceañera very well but I do know that she is a dancer and from the looks of it her Quinceañera was just as fitting. There was a lot of dancing at this one and she even performed a choreographed dance for everyone. That was super cool! In my now assumed fashion I didn’t take a single picture with her. I will share the ones that I did take.

I don’t want to compare one to the next because the girls themselves are incomparable and so were their parties. I had a great time at each and wish them all the best. They are each beautiful and lovely girls in their own way.

Stay Fancy,

Ana Maggie

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