Summer Fruit Smoothie

I am a fan of the spa Sunday routine, which consists of putting on hair and face masks, doing my mani/pedi and taking a very long bubble bath-usually with a glass of wine and good book. And then applying a very thick helping of an emollient.  I do this every Sunday and have been for a few years now. It’s my “me time” that I will never give up.

I bought this face mask at Ulta at the checkout shelf. It looked so appealing made using real fruits. It’s the perfect summer mask because it’s made of clay which helps with oily skin. It’s always fun when your skin gets hard and you can’t move it anymore. This mask smelled great, I wanted to lick it! It had raspberry and mango!
I applied it rather heavily, the package contained a lot more than you could use at one time. Good for sharing or folding and re-using. I didn’t think that far in advance so I squeezed out a lot and then had to dump what I didn’t use.
It took about 10 minutes or so for the mask to dry into a hard clay mask. I love that part; sometimes I’ll keep it on longer since I’m in the bath and reading, something like 20-30 minutes. When I removed it my skin was noticeably smoother and the following day less oily. I suffer from oily skin, even when I wake up in the morning my skin is oily. But the next day when I awoke it wasn’t oily.
I really like this product and for the $2 price tag I will definitely get more.

My final verdict, good product! Did the job right for under $2!

Stay fancy,
Ana Maggie


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