What was I afraid of?

When buying a swimsuit one must consider first a few things; first how your body type is. Not at the body you once had or the body you want to have but the body that you have right now. That’s a hard task even on its own! After that very long process you must consider how much support you need. Your breasts! Do you need a lot of support or not so much? Your butt, does that thing need to be held up? There is a lot of body examination before you even consider what swimsuit to get! Then you go on to areas you want to conceal, your thighs, belly, butt or breasts. Now you can decide on which type you are and what type of swimsuit suits your current body type.

So I must take a long hard look at my body. I have large breasts and tummy and long limbs. I am apple shape; as much as I try to hide it or ignore it. I do have curves but also a belly I want to conceal. So the ideal bathing suit for me would be a one piece.

Pause for reaction.

For the longest time I was afraid of wearing one piece bathing suits. I’m a victim of the bad rap these have had and more than anything the misconception; that you will look matronly or motherly. Not that anything is wrong with that but I’m neither so I didn’t want to be perceived as such. I just didn’t think they could be sexy.

But then it hit me if you have curves you could wear a one piece and still look sexy! So I tried a few on and loved the results. Well I didn’t believe it but seeing is believing so here ya go.

These are particularly good for me since they do have rushing at the sides in the midsection that help conceal your midsection.
I love the one shoulder on this and the royal blue color is refreshing!
I know this is late in the year (honestly this is when swimsuits go on sale) but if you are in the market for a new swimsuit try my tips for buying the perfect swimsuit! Because we all have that drawer that ill-fitting swimsuits are in because we didn’t do the leg work beforehand. And next time you doubt the one piece try it on and fall in love.

Stay fancy
Ana Maggie

P.s. Happy Friday the 13th!


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