21 days

It takes 21 days to form or break a habit, according to Google. (I love to Google random questions). So I decided it would take me just that long to form great healthy habits and break non healthy habits. So I am starting a 21 day plan. This starts on the first day of fall, September 22nd and will be ending October 12th with lots of great habits formed! I thought it would be awesome to start fall off with a challenge!

I’m calling it 21 days of smart choices. Those choices will range from saying my prayers every night to car maintenance (my brother recently got mad at me for not taking care of my car) and even trying to control my negative thoughts. There will also be daily choices that I will encounter every day so it’s hard to put everything into a list format. But for the most part here are my plans for the habits I intend to make/break.

  • I plan on running daily with the exception of Sunday; I want to run a half marathon this year as part of my New Year’s resolution.
  • I also plan on eating red meat just once a week and fish or white meat every other day, eating veggies the days in between. (Does that make sense?)
  • I want to also wean myself off of sugar, while I’m at it sodas and snack foods.
  • I want to break from watching TV daily to just maybe once or twice a week.
  • I want to be outside either feeding the ducks, making a garden, or simply reading outdoors as opposed to in.
  • I want to make the habit of watching my thoughts and making smart choices in my words and conversations.
  • I plan on coming up with a great skincare routine and sticking to it.
  • I want to pray every night and every morning, by not leaving my bed until I say thank you for that day.
  • I will revisit my goals and resolutions and come up with a plan to achieve those.
  • I want to blog daily and produce a video once a week.

I think this will take me to new heights and definitely help me achieve my goals. Ultimately I want to be the best version of myself I can possibly be.

Want to join me? Start your own plan by making a list of habits you want to make and or break. We can support each other and let each other know what we accomplished. I think I will have a weekly update on my habits challenge. Wish me good luck and good luck to you as well if you are starting a plan with me.

Stay fancy,



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