Sweet 15 Style

A while back I went to my adorable niece’s sweet 15 party and I wanted to share with you what to pack for a weekend trip to a wedding or big party. We had to travel a few hours south to a town that I’ve talked about before called New Braunfels. I love going there cause it’s a fun summer town filled with lots of things to do for summer. It has several rivers that flow through it and Schlitterbahn, although I’ve never gone there. But I digress, we went for a Sweet 15, which is a Sweet 16 mixed with a Quinceanera.  I thought I would share since during the summer a lot of people head to the open road for weddings or parties.

We were there for 3 days. Now this isn’t my first time traveling to my husbands relatives town for an event and through the years I’ve acquired a few tips. I wish I would have known these the first few times I set out to meet and mingle with my husbands family. So I will share my insights into making it with inlaws.

  • No need to travel light.
    • If you will be in your own car you can fill it up with your luggage
    • But if your traveling with someone else or with other people try to leave some room for others.
    • However, if your traveling by air you will need to pack light. (That’s a separate blog post on it’s own)
    • If you will be staying in a hotel room, and can lug it all yourself go ahead and bring 5 bags.
    • However, if you will be staying at a family members house try not to load up their house with your stuff.
  • Arrive a day before the event.
    • Remember to offer your help with whatever needs to be done still.
    • If your help isn’t needed then try to stay out of the hosts hair.
    • Figure out what to do on your own.
    • If the host has made plans for the day before the big day, take part in it.
    • You traveled to hang with them not do your own thing.
    • Be up for anything!
    • If the hostess didn’t prepare a to do before the big day then ask the hotel staff what there is to do if your not familiar with that city.
    • If you have family there then go visit them.
  • Take a giftcard or money instead of a gift.
      Especially if the hostess is traveling as well.Especially if it’s a wedding and the newlyweds are going on a honeymoon.
  • Take an extra outfit for a what if.
    • I always take my swimsuit and an extra outfit.
    • Always take extra undies-you just never know.
  • Your outfits should be in the same color family.
    • Brights with brights, pastels with pastels, etc.
    • Able to mix and match tops to bottoms
    • Able to wear the same jewelry with different outfits.
    • Your bag and shoes can match all your outfits.
  • Your outfits should compliment the event, not match it.
    • Don’t try to match the colors of the event. You’ll just look like you were trying to be in it.
    • Your style should match the event as well. Don’t bring a ball gown to a sweet 15 first of all.
    • Try to match the atmosphere of the event.
    • I brought two outfits since I knew there would be a games portion and a dance portion.
    • It’s ok to take multiple outfits for the event.
    • It’s definitely ok (and recommended) to take flats or lower shoes to the event.
    • Don’t dance barefoot!
  • Check your outfit before you leave home.
    • In a full length mirror before put on all your outfits and check.
    • Can you see through the dress? (I have left without doing this and if you don’t want to make a trip to the store to buy a slip on the day of then this is important).
    • Can you see panty lines? Can you see your bra or undies through the dress? Do you need shapewear?
    • Obviously check if there are any stains and get rid of them if there are.
    • Check to see if it will need to be ironed-if it does make sure the hotel has an iron handy.
  • Do your hair at home!
    • I like to do my hair before I arrive at my home and just travel with it done.
    • Some people like to get their hair blown out before traveling.
    • However, if you will be swimming the day before then that is out of the window.
    • So take your hair wand or flat iron, or make an appointment at a local salon to have your hair done.
    • If your doing that, check yelp for reviews.
  • Try not to be a menace or get too drunk.
    • Definitely have fun and take part in everything of the event but don’t be that girl.
    • Like I said be up for anything!

Those are my tips on traveling for a family wedding or event. Now onto what I took! I was there for 3 days and I took 4 outfits. I always pack a lot cause I like wearing lots of outfits. Check out my video:

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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