That will do, donkey!

It’s the middle of the year! And for most people a lot of their resolutions are either long forgotten or for the good ones already well on there way to being achieved if not already achieved. Well I’m the former or the two, my plans for this year weren’t carefully planned and therefore not achieved.

Remember when I told y’all I had to pile on a lot to get the donkey going. Well I still completely agree with this but I didn’t have a good plan once I started going. But I’m back with a clear plan for what I want and most importantly how to get it! So I bought myself a better planner, and set realistic goals-which I won’t share at this time.


They’re mostly the same goals as before but I have added more goals. I was on my new favorite website, Pinterest, and I spotted a pin that said “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” Well I really thought about that one a long time. So I’ve set long term goals and got the ball rolling on them. I can’t wait to share those with y’all later.

For now I just want to let y’all know that I’m back! I will be back and blogging daily (except weekends). Thanks for sticking with me when this blog became non-existent. Thanks and talk to you tomorrow!


Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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